Telling Stories Through Dance v3Thank you to all the schools that came out to April 7, 2017 matinee school shows! See you next time!!

2017 Student Study Guide

Teachers will receive a Study Guide for in-class activities which is suited to students at all grade levels, as it relates to numerous objectives in the Alberta Program of Studies in the areas of Social Studies, Language Arts, Music and others.

The outcomes include:

  • Recognizing the ways of life and heritage of Canada’s diverse peoples
  • Appreciating historical thinking through stories and legends
  • Comprehending citizenship, identity and quality of life through the arts
  • Distinguishing the impact of globalization on cultures and quality of life in Canada
  • Developing one’s identity and self-esteem – through participation in the community and art
  • Comprehending and responding personally and critically to oral and visual media
  • Discussing similarities and differences in settings, characters and events from various communities
  • Comparing personal challenges and situations encountered in daily life with those experienced by people or characters in other times, places and cultures portrayed in oral and other media

Download the SHUMKA 2017 Kobzar Study Guide for Schools here