Shumka strives to express the human experience through the lens of an ever-evolving Canadian-Ukrainian dance form.


Shumka exists to present, promote, preserve, develop and share Canadian-Ukrainian inspired dance as a community leader.


Shumka creates a broad scope of original and collaborative interpretive works built upon the foundations of the Canadian and Ukrainian life experiences of its artists, and the rich heritage of the Ukrainian folk culture.

Shumka achieves its mission by:

Respecting the origins of traditional Ukrainian culture, while integrating the Canadian experience and contemporary expectations in order to make its programs relevant to today’s audiences.   Creating a centre of excellence in dance education to prepare the next generation of citizens, dancers and creators in the art form.   Collaborating with other artists in Edmonton, in Canada and internationally.   Creating a hub of arts and culture activity in the community.   Presenting art and experiences for people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities.   Engaging diverse communities through performance, education and opportunities for inclusive participation.