Shumka aims to continue to expand its reach and work in the community on an ongoing basis. How can we engage with those who are interested in what we do, outside of performances and special events?

Relevant community outreach and educational programs are increasingly important to our organization, and our new facility provides the infrastructure to expand in this area of our operations. Please consider donating today to support these programs.

Seniors Can Shumka has been a success since it began in 2016, offering seniors an opportunity to enjoy Ukrainian music and movement in a weekly program of fun and fitness. Snacks and socializing follow, and the seniors finish the program by learning and performing their own dance. All levels of mobility are accepted and accommodated. Wednesdays 10-11am April 3 to May 22, 2019.

Shumka’s Silver Swans is an opportunity for adults of all ages to enjoy safe and inclusive ballet and movement classes, and to experience firsthand the benefits of dance in improving health and well being. Classes are taught by Shumka’s Creative Director and RAD Silver Swans Licensed Instructor, Tasha Orysiuk. Wednesdays 6-7pm April 3 to May 22, 2019.

To register for any of our programs please call 780.455.9559 ext 101 or email: