A Proud Past … A Brilliant Future! The Ukrainian Shumka Dancers Alumni Association (USDAA) was formed following the Dancers’ 25th Anniversary in 1984, to promote fellowship among former dancers and to support the Ukrainian Shumka Dancers. Initially, the group was formed primarily as a social outlet for retired dancers but its focus has since become more project-based. In 1991, the Shumka Alumni Association was pleased to produce, publish and distribute the coffee table book Shumka: Tradition in Motion. More recently, the USDAA capitalized on the expertise among its membership and became responsible for conceptualizing and initiating a legacy project for the Ukrainian Shumka Dancers. The Alumni joined forces with the City of Edmonton to fund and build The Shumka Stage in Louise McKinney Park in Edmonton’s river valley, located immediately below the Shaw Conference Centre. In June, 2007, Mayor Mandel officially declared the new multi-use stage open for performance and community use. On July 1st, 2009, the Donor Wall displaying the many contributors to the legacy project was unveiled. The Ukrainian Shumka Dancers Alumni Association is proud to have planned its 50th Anniversary Banquet celebrating a half-century of Shumka Dancers and their support organizations. With Alumni membership now nearing 400, the USDAA continues to work diligently to support and to celebrate Shumka’s many accomplishments and to treasure the rich memories that 50 years holds. The Shumka Stage  Shumka Stage 1 The Shumka Stage is an exciting addition to Edmonton’s spectacular river valley park system. The Ukrainian Shumka Dancers Alumni Association, in conjunction with the City of Edmonton Community Development department, created a legacy venue that recognizes the contribution Shumka has made to the city and the province since 1959. Located immediately below the Shaw Conference Centre, the Shumka Stage outdoor performance site is the feature component of the Louise McKinney Riverfront Park complex. The Shumka Stage is an impressive performance venue, able to host a variety of community celebrations and international arts performances. This multi-purpose infrastructure can accommodate music, dance and choral performances, as well as other festivals and events. The structure itself is a weather-proof design of steel, concrete, brick and a curved glass roof over the performance area. The naming of the Shumka Stage is an acknowledgement of the years of contribution that the Ukrainian Shumka Dancers have made as ambassadors of Edmonton and Alberta in their performances around the world. The Ukrainian Shumka Dancers Alumni Association is pleased that the City of Edmonton has offered this prominent capital project as a suitable legacy of recognition.