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Harvest Angels


A stunning display of energy and colour featuring four distinct regions of Ukraine: Bukovyna, Zakarpattia, Pokuttia and Hutsulschyna. Set against the backdrop of a golden wheat field – the symbol of life that nourishes the body and the spirit – a flowing red ribbon connects the harvest angels of these lands. Despite the geographical contrast between the regions – from the highest peaks of the mountains to the vast openness of the plains – a profound sense of passion, pride and unity unfolds.


Concept and Direction - John Pichlyk and Dave Ganert

Choreography - Dave Ganert

Additional Choreography - Tasha Orysiuk and John Pichlyk

Music Composition, Arrangement and Orchestration - Yuri Shevchenko and Andrij Shoost

Sets and Soloist Costumes - Maria Levitska

Additional Costumes - Joyce Howell and Oksana Paruta